Introducing – The Kingsport Times-News New E-Edition

New Times-News websiteAfter several months of development with my colleagues at the Kingsport Times-News, we’re proud to introduce the first of two new websites we will be rolling out in the next several days. Introducing The Kingsport Times-News Enhanced Electronic Edition.

The first is a new breakthrough technology developed by Olive Software that allows readers to read and explore every page of the newspaper by clicking links and turning pages. It’s an impressive application that many newspapers are deploying and our new service is made available today for readers to explore for thirty days.

Click here to see the new preview!

The new enhanced electronic edition includes every news story, obit, photo, classified ads and comics that you’ll find in the print edition and marries sophisticated PDF technologies that allow you to scroll, enlarge, search, email and more.

In the next several days, we’ll complete the transition of our new services with the launch of I’m very excited about this new application and our staff has been working around the clocks for months redeveloping the core software and producing a completely unique and hand-coded online news and media center. It’s the most ambitious and time-consuming project I’ve experienced in the past twenty plus years in the newspaper, but trust it’s also one of the most impressive and ambitious projects I’ve ever been involved with, so stay tuned for this new innovation.

In the meantime, feel free to explore the new Kingsport Times-News Enhanced Electronic Edition by clicking this link.

4 thoughts on “Introducing – The Kingsport Times-News New E-Edition

  1. Here’s another comment from a reader today;

    From: Jim Roberts

    Comments: Not sure who you talked to but you will lose a lot of internet readers by charging. You are NOT the NY Times either in content or news. I for one will delete your website.

  2. So it begins. I certainly can’t really make my analysis until I see what the free edition looks like. I hope that you have managed to consolidate subscribers with this system. My first impressions of the Olive software are that it’s a huge leap backwards from the internet, but just as huge a leap forwards from how the newspaper is “printed.” I think I will be able to appreciate the new Times-News by seeing it this way…

    However, it is unfortunate that all of the writers, photographers and content contributors are taking the fruits of their work away from the internet and into their own private newsnet. At once, all the precious content restricted by this system is now unavailable to the google’s and rss aggregators of our world that are truly transforming how we use information.

    For once, I really am starting to look at as a viable advertising medium since now literally tens of thousands of users will now be coming their way.

    I hope that you are forthcoming about the success or failure of this model, but if I recall the definition of success was very modest – measured by one or two thousand subscribers and an increase in physical circulation.

    Good luck and I’m sure it’s been a lot of hard work that will reap it’s own rewards regardless of whether Mr. Rau reaps any financial reward for himself.

  3. Ben,

    Newspaper readers want to receive the news in many ways. The Olive Edition meets the requests of a large part of our audience who want all the newspaper, all the ads and delivered in a format they are familiar with. Besides, studies show newspapers can add significantly add to their subscription base by offering a truly electronic editon of the newspaper. We’re proud to be the first to meet this need.
    You’ll see Times-News unroll many models in the future to receive news, but I’m no longer convinced repurposing content for online and robbing the print edition of subscribers is a smart business practice.

    With that said, our free site will be very different than what we have today. It may not match your ideal as we both are thankful you aren’t the norm (I was thinking extraordinary), but we’re doing the very best we can and adhering to the what our industry and owners are investing in for the future.

    Will it be perfect? Never, but we hope to generate a new interest and a new purpose with what we are doing throughout our Network and Times-News is a good beginning. As you know, it’s a custom-made app and we can change quickly. We have never used a template and quite proud of the talent that works with us and have participated in the past.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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